Nepilna briketu palete ant keltuvo
Pilna briketu palete


We sell extra high quality sawdust briquettes. Since we only make sawdust briquettes from our own sawdust, our sawdust briquettes are mixed with pine, ash and oak. Our briquettes are packed on pallets of 100 boxes each. Each pack contains 12 briquettes.

Price per pallet: EUR 80

Weight per pallet: 1 ton (± 2%)

We respect our customers and sell individual packs as well. Price per package: EUR 0,80

Weight per pack: ≈ 10 kg

No matter what fuel you choose for heating, you must have storage space for it. Our briquettes are way ahead of firewood in all parameters and require four times less storage space, and even two times less than coal. This allows you to save, without using too much space for storage in your house, freeing up space for other uses. In addition, wood briquettes burn much longer than wood, and if you are interested in statistics, the numbers are impressive, as briquettes burn up to 5 times longer than firewood and have parameters comparable with coal. When comparing the heat of wood briquettes and firewood, firewood produces twice less. Such a difference is achieved by the briquette shape and density, which may exceed 1000 kg/m3, as only high- quality wood sawdust, ash/pine, without rot, binding impurities or bark is used for production. Therefore, when comparing briquettes with ordinary ash firewood density, which is ≈ 350 kg/m3, the difference can easily make you decide which fuel is worth choosing for heating or a fireplace.